‘Fat Shaming’

I don’t agree with shaming anyone – you have one life to live. You only know your own journey, your own hardships. You can judge no one but yourself.

I hate the term ‘fat shaming.’ I hate what it’s doing for society and fat people in general. Don’t get me wrong. I am in no way, shape, or form agreeing with the hatred and anger that those people put out into the world.

What bothers me is that in opposition of ‘fat shaming,’ there is suddenly this broad acceptance for fat. We’re not focusing on the right thing here people. This conversation centers itself on what a person looks like rather than a person’s health – that’s where we need to look. There is no right size or body type and beautiful comes in many forms, but I don’t think it’s right for people to live sedentary lives, eat their feelings and not move.

Guess what. There is no way to determine a person’s health simply by looking at them. So, yes, Mr. I-like-to-play-devil’s-advocate, you’re right. Some of those fat people may be healthy under all their weight. But I think the majority probably aren’t.

I say this as a fat person whose goal is to be fit and healthy. As someone who gets lower back pain and has to wear knee braces when she tries to play certain sports or do certain physical activity. I say this as a person who can’t (yet) run a mile without stopping. Shame me. Don’t shame me. I don’t care. What you don’t know by looking at me is that I have a clean bill of health, I workout six days a week and maintain a healthy diet. I’m fat today but I’m a work in progress.

Hopefully some of the ‘fat shaming’ of the world has led people to work towards living healthier lifestyles, with fitness, rather than skinniness, as a goal. What I don’t want is for fat people to think its ok to live sedentary lives and eat whatever they want without realizing the consequences. Sure, that may be beautiful to you, but is it healthy? No.

I think we need to change the conversation. Let’s focus on fitness and happiness instead.


One thought on “‘Fat Shaming’

  1. This is so spot on. I love you “fat accepting” analogy. Encouraging their bad lifestyle habits is not being nice. There is a difference between fat shaming and encouraging someone to change their lifestyle. I love this post.


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