Week 4 Check – In

Well. I feel terrible today. I feel terrible because last week was a shambly mess in terms of PiYo and completing every day’s workout. I also happen to be kind of sick, with a runny nose and sore throat that seem to be sucking the life out of me. I feel like I could sleep for the next week and then I might feel better.

The Kristina of the past would have very easily given up and made excuses for herself, allowing herself to take a break today, which would inevitably lead to a week long hiatus involving lots of unhealthy eating choices too. That’s not me anymore. Instead, I’m going to push through it and make sure I eat extra-well today, to start me off on the right foot for the week. I’m also going to make sure and acknowledge a few positive changes I’ve seen in myself:

  • I am so much stronger in my upper body. With each workout, my triceps and shoulders get stronger and feel leaner.
  • I am slowly losing size. I haven’t weighed myself, but I can tell small differences in my body. My feet aren’t as pudgy, my arms are leaning out a bit and my legs are much tighter. You know how fat people have layers of fat? For example, you can’t see my collarbone because of the layers of fat that sit there and on the rest of my breastbone. Well, the layers are thinning!

My list is short this week due to how little progress I made in actual workouts last week, but I choose to see this as additional motivation to get my butt in gear. Each week is a learning experience for me to reflect on and learn from to continue improving myself and my body.


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