PiYo Round Two & New Goals

As I begin my second round of the two month PiYo calendar, I think I need to set some new goals. The only goal I’d really set for myself was to finish PiYo and try to eat healthier. The old me hated setting weight loss related goals because I hated the possibility of failing; I didn’t handle it well. The new me doesn’t see it that way: I know that if I set a goal and don’t reach it, I need to be a bit more analytical to find out why I didn’t. That’s also something the old me couldn’t do: I never used to be able to admit my wrongdoings to myself. Granted, I also used to binge eat a bunch and would black out during those times, so tracking my eating was way more difficult. Not anymore! I finally have that under control too! So, once I’m done with PiYo round one, I’m going to start tracking my new goals and start PiYo round two!

New goals:

  • Complete PiYo Round Two, with only the given rest day (no skipping Sundays!)
  • Be leaner all over, especially in my stomach. I need to be extra cautious of what I’m eating and when, and learn how my body responds to certain foods. (This sounds vague, but involves me tracking what I’m eating and what foods my body doesn’t like.)
  • Eat at least five times per day.
  • Drink water first thing in the morning.
  • Do 30 minutes of cardio at least three times a week (in addition to the PiYo).

Alright. I feel like those are all attainable, yet challenging goals. You’ll notice I’m not including any weight specific goals here; it’s too early for that. Right now I’m reshaping my body: growing muscles and shrinking fat, which have a tendency to neutralize each other and result in no change on the scale. If I start weighing myself, I know I’ll get discouraged and I’m not ready to do that to myself.

So here’s to new goals starting today!


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