Food & Me: Improving our Relationship

I know it’s kind of delayed, but I needed to get this out before I forget. 

Do you know what it is to be able to have a weekend without working out and still eating out and feel completely guilty free and totally fine on Monday morning? I didn’t know that feeling until this Monday.

This weekend was a very busy one for me. I was up and out for meetings and a photoshoot by 9:30 AM on Saturday morning and didn’t make it back until 1 AM that day. Sunday being Mother’s Day meant breakfast for my mom, helping her do stuff and then heading up north for a family get together. I didn’t make it home until 9:30 pm Sunday night. Workouts were out of the question and even if I’d wanted to, there wasn’t time to make myself any special meals.

That said, there was a noticeable difference in my mentality towards food this weekend. On Saturday, I got super distracted and busy and went hours (way too long) without eating. Then when I did eat, it was more about making sure I had something in my stomach rather than gorging myself like I used to (yay self-control!). The craziest for me was dealing with h’ors d’oeuvres at Mother’s Day. We always have a spread that my aunt sets out about two hours before we eat, and I normally park myself in front of it and chow down – and this is before the main meal. This time, I had a few bites but was extremely conscious of what I was doing. Actually, I was more conscious of the fact that I wasn’t hungry but I was eating because the snack was delicious. So I limited myself to about three bites and then was able to sit back and stop eating. It sounds crazy but this would’ve taken all the self-control in my entire body even six months ago. MILESTONE!

Anyways. This is a huge mental accomplishment for me and I just wanted to document it! Here’s to progress!


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