Flashback Friday

It’s not too far of a flashback, but I’m sitting at my computer this morning thinking about this past week. I started off really strong, but between getting a tattoo Wednesday, working from home and this miserable weather, I’m out of sorts today. The tattoo appointment meant no workouts for me on Thursday or Friday, since I sweat too much and need to allow the skin to heal. The weather also stopped me from going to the grocery store as often as I should have, and I’ve been surviving off gluten free pasta, shrimp, and breakfast food for the past three days. The lack of veggies in my life has been a problem and I’m feeling it.

The more I think back, I’m frustrated with the way this week went in terms of my PiYo workouts,  so I’m thinking I may not count this week and have a redo next week. It’s going to be a hectic and stressful week at work, so I know I’m going to need the release. Plus what with this tattoo, I’m not going to really give any workout my all for the next couple days. That’s it. It’s decided. Next week will be a redo.



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