PiYo Round 2, Week 5 REDO

I have mixed feelings on this Monday morning. I had a relaxing, wonderful weekend. I tried something new (aerial yoga! so cool!) and read one of the books on my reading list front to back in a few hours. There was a lot of Gilmore Girls watched and coffee drank in my apartment and it was exactly what I needed.

Here’s where the conflict comes in: I didn’t work out (at all) on Thursday, Friday or Saturday. I wasn’t supposed to workout on Thursday in order to let my tattoo heal and then my womanly curse arrived and all energy was completely lost. I won’t lie, by Saturday morning I was feeling like a sloth, completely blob-like and gross. Sunday’s yoga couldn’t come at a better time.

So at some point yesterday, I made the decision to repeat week 5 in the PiYo schedule. I don’t want to move on knowing I skipped so much. The awesome part of that decision-making process, though, is that I feel fine about it. Zero guilt here. I am human. My body needed rest, my mind needed stimulating and even though my ovaries wanted all the snacks in the world, I kept the munching to a minimum and practiced mindfulness when it came to eating. I feel so accomplished!

Cheers to a good week!



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