Two – a – Days: Harsh Reality Check

I’ve been trying to do two-a-days for quite a while now. One of my goals starting PiYo Round 2 was to incorporate walking into my daily routine on top of the regular PiYo. It seemed I was going to need someone to keep me accountable, so a coworker and I started walking after work last week. Monday and Tuesday went well, but things fell apart after that. You know how they say you shouldn’t let life happen? Well, I did. And it wrecked my plans.

So we started up again this week. Monday after work we walked 3 miles in an hour, and then I went home and did PiYo Sculpt. I felt great. Tired, accomplished, happy to have followed through. Tuesday morning was slightly more rough than a normal Tuesday; my body was tired and weak. Nonetheless, we walked another 3 mile hour Tuesday afternoon, which I followed up with the PiYo Sweat workout. HOLY SWEAT. I had to break for water three times and my towel was drenched from wiping sweat off my face! I actually sat in child’s pose for a full five minutes after the workout and then laid down stretching for another five.

So now, Wednesday morning (how is it only Wednesday?!?!) I am feeling pretty pathetic. I mean I knew there would be an adjustment period, but I really didn’t expect it to be this hard on me. I woke up super sore and body-tired (you know, like when you feel like you need someone to peel you off the bed?) and practically crawled into the shower. It seems like my body burned through my morning protein shake extra fast today too, because boy am I hungry!

All this said, I’m really glad to have someone keeping me accountable to my afternoon walks and am very confident in my completing this week successfully. I’m not really planning to make any drastic changes to my diet, but I’ll reevaluate all that next week.

Wish me luck!


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