PiYo Round 2, Week 6 Check – In

Not sure where to start today. Reflecting on last week, I feel really great about myself. I did PiYo every day and walked 3 miles each day Monday through Thursday. Friday was a weird day in the office; I went home at 4 pm and took a nap until 7 pm – it was a full-on rest day. I would say I really behaved during the week. In  retrospect, I should’ve been snacking more and eating smaller meals, but my workweek was weird and that just didn’t happen. I also wasn’t hungry so I didn’t feel like eating.

I totally blew it this weekend. I tried so hard. SO HARD. I was super mindful of my breakfast and lunch on Saturday, and I only ate one roll at the sushi restaurant I went to with a friend! (I normally eat two, so this was hard). Then night came. I craved ice cream so bad it was unreal. I fought the craving for three hours until it was all I could think about. I couldn’t not get ice cream. One pint of Ben & Jerry’s chocolate fudge brownie and I was happy. I slipped into a food coma and knocked out early.

I woke up Sunday morning feeling great. I slept twelve hours and had that flat-stomach-after-a-cheat-day feeling. You know, when you wake up, go to the bathroom because your stomach is super confused about what happened last night, and then feel five pounds lighter? I felt like that, which propelled me to be really good on Sunday. I had my protein shake, worked out, did laundry, then went to my aunt’s for lunch. It was great! Mexican – Colombian food, low carb, lots of spices and healthy fats. Then coffee. Then food coma again. I took a two hour nap…who am I? By the time I got home it was well past dinner time and I was hungry. Then the cravings came. All I wanted was a brownie, Oreos and Nutella. Thank God the store didn’t have brownies, or I would’ve eaten it all. I had Oreos and Nutella for dinner. Great.

Fast forward to this morning, I wake up feeling blah. I have to get out of this nighttime craving funk and back into my routine. I need to get back to being excited about PiYo, instead of dreading it like I am today.

Well. Here’s a list of things to remind myself / goals for the week:

  • Eat five times a day. I have the world’s slowest metabolism, so I need to do whatever I can to help it.
  • Listen to upbeat music in the morning. I need that positive stimulation early.
  • Drink more water.
  • Complete a food diary for the week. I’m not noticing any differences in my body, so I’m going to have to evaluate what and how much I’m eating.

It’ll be an interesting week. Here goes nothing.



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