PiYo Round 2, Week 7 Check-In & Life Update

It’s amazing how you can plan and plan and plan and be super prepared for something, but when it happens, suddenly all that preparation goes out the window. That’s what happened to me last week. Last Wednesday was my last day at my job. I was on a contract there and that’s when the contract ended. It was nice really, no fuss, just a clean break. I had perfectly planned out how awesome and productive I would be in the following days, which all completely went to nothing. Apparently my body needed rest, so I slept an average 11 hours per night each night from Wednesday until today. There’s something liberating about not setting an alarm in the morning and waking up naturally feeling completely rested. It’s like a whole new world!

I still did pretty well with my workouts last week, but skipped both Saturday and Sunday’s workouts. You know what though? I woke up both Sunday morning and today feeling rested and good about myself. I ate clean, made sure to eat often enough and that seems to counteracted the fact that I didn’t exercise. All in all? No regrets.

All that said, I begin my new routine today. I’m going to refocus myself and really work hard for the next month or so, before I begin my travels (more on that later).

Here’s to a new week!


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