Cruise Recap

I went on my first cruise ever last week with my family, but I’ve been so busy preparing for Europe and moving that I completely forgot to post about it!

So first, I’ll go over the ship: we took the Royal Caribbean ‘Enchantment of the Seas’ five day Bahamas cruise. I shared a room with my sisters and surprisingly it wasn’t too crowded! The ship was nice, but I definitely expected the pools to be bigger.

The Itinerary: we boarded Monday around noon and explored the ship while at port. We took off (left port?) at 6 pm, with an awesome sunset view from the ‘Viking Crown Lounge’ on the 11th floor deck. We went to CocoCay on Tuesday, which was pretty relaxing. The Coco Loco drink there is DELICIOUS. Wednesday morning we docked in Nassau pretty much the entire day, so we explored Paradise Island for a while. Y’all, I have never seen clearer, cleaner, more beautiful water in my life. I came back to Miami and our ocean here is just ugly in comparison. From Paradise Island we took a cab over to Nassau and to Frankie Gone Bananas, a restaurant recommended to us for its conch. YUM. The conch salad and conch fritters were delicious! I don’t eat fried food often in the states but this was something different entirely. After a full day there, we boarded the ship, took in some shows and called it a night. The ship arrived to Key West Friday morning, so after the Customs check we got off to explore a bit. I’d actually only been to Key West as a little kid and don’t remember it, so the trolley tour was a nice way to soak it all in fairly quickly. It was obscenely hot though, so we ended up back on the ship, in the pool relatively early. In order to get home (and nap) more quickly on Friday morning, we did the express checkout and were back at the apartment by 8:45 am. Is it fair to call this a five day cruise if the fifth day you have to be out of the ship (and can’t even use it) on the last day? Not in my opinion.

The food and drink: sweet heavens. I see why Americans are such fans of cruises. It’s basically a food and drink free-for-all, even if not everyone has a drink package. My family eats pretty healthy, so it’s not like we gorged on really unhealthy foods, but the quantity was unbelievable. Bringing you seconds of your entree in a three course meal? Seriously?!? I obviously partook in the whole three course meal option, but by Thursday night we all felt like we didn’t need to eat for a month.

Overall it was a great cruise. It was a pretty efficient way to see several destinations and spend lots of time with your roommates, so I understand the mass appeal. It was also a nice way to get together as a family now that we’re all headed our separate ways. Will I cruise again? Probably, but to a completely different destination. I can’t understand people who repeat the same type of cruise year over year; I would spend that money going to a new location each time!


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