#KristinaTakesEurope: Travel Recap

Hello all! I am writing to you from the lovely town of Tiana, just north of Barcelona. I’m glad to be here now but boy was yesterday eternal.

I’d like to think I’m an ‘easy’ traveler. So far in life, I’ve always had luck; I’ve never had my bags lost or stolen, I always sleep fine on flights, etc. This time things were a bit unusual. My 7:40 pm flight from Miami to Zurich was delayed about an hour, and once onboard I could not sleep. The flight was full and I was stuck in between two people. Maybe I have bad circulation but I kept having to readjust – my butt would go numb and my legs would get fidgety! I may have slept two hours on that flight…but hey, I got to see Money Monster, The Dressmaker, The Jungle Book and Allegiant! I hadn’t seen the first three yet. Fortunately the food was delicious onboard. Swiss Intl. Airlines knows how to feed you.

We made up 30 minutes of our delay while in flight, but my connecting flight ended up delayed as well, so it all panned out about the same. This flight was surprisingly spacious and fortunately I knocked out instantly.

Once in Barcelona, getting my backpack took forever. Our bags didn’t come out for like an hour. Then the travel to the train…let me remind you all I sweat. Now imagine me, walking around outside plus a 34 pound backpack. Lots. of. sweat. I also missed the train by one minute, so I was sitting outside in the crazy heat waiting 30 minutes for the next one. The first train from airport to Barcelona-Sants was fine, but the changeover at Sants station was awkward, so I ended up on one train thinking it was the wrong one. I asked one of the other passengers and he confirmed I was, indeed, on the wrong train. So I got off at the next station, intending to turn around. Guess what? He was wrong! I had been on the right train all along. I just created a self-imposed ten minute delay. Should’ve trusted my gut.

Anywho. Finally where I was supposed to be, I was able to enjoy my surroundings. The train is practically on the water the further north you go! The stop before mine, Badalona, has beautiful beaches full of people kite surfing, swimming and tanning. The stop was immediately next to the beach. It was unbelievable. Montgat is also on the beach, but it’s a smaller town so it’s less populated. Still though, it was beautiful.

The day ended with me getting picked up by my host family, spending some time with them, taking a nap, having dinner and staying in with the boys. We were all too tired to do anything else!



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