#KristinaTakesEurope: Tiana Days 1 & 2

Saturday, September 3:

I explored the town a bit this morning, got a coffee and croissant at one of the local bakeries. I walked up the road to the church and the market, then came back to the apartment to freshen up (because it’s soooo hot) before Sandra picked me up to go to the charity basketball game she was playing in. I met lots of their friends, who all work when they can to raise money for one of their sons’ disease. Very nice, humble people. Then we came back to the apartment for lunch, coffee and naps. We were supposed to all go to Lucas’ friends’ birthday party but I was exhausted so I stayed and napped more. I woke up around 8 pm, had dinner at 9:30 and chatted with them when they got home at 11. It’s now 1 am and there is a live band at one of the local bars, so I’m basically getting a free concert in my bed!

Sunday, September 4:

We all woke up late today, taking advantage of our lazy Sunday. Marcos went to the bakery in the morning for some fresh bread for breakfast. How awesome is it that there is a good bakery 2 minutes away walking distance?!?! When he came back he made us their version of a Sunday breakfast: egg and sausage accompanied by delicious French bread. Take the bread away and that’s a regular breakfast in the US…just another reminder of how much extra we consume…anyways…

We all showered up and headed to Santa Coloma’s ‘fiestas,’ since today they were doing the ‘castelleros.’ Castelleros are groups of people, usually from the same town, who make a human pyramid. It’s super impressive and the sense of community you can feel watching them is amazing! We ran into some family friends of Marcos and Sandra’s and walked with them towards the kids park, to let the kids release some energy…ok fine. I may have played some too.

It was then time for food and drink, so we went bar-hopping, also part of the ‘fiestas.’ Each bar has a small selection of drinks and one specific tapa they are serving as part of the weekend’s festivities. We had bread with sliced ham, fideua (paella with noodles instead of rice – delicious), and bomba (similar to central america’s stuffed potato). The food was good, the beer was cold and the company was great. Some of the kids were grilling me on Miami and America and how things are there. They were blown away when I showed them pictures!

By the time we’d finished eating, we were all sticky and gross and needed the pool, so we headed back to the apartment, changed, and went to their community pool. It was cold and refreshing and exactly what the doctor ordered. We came back refreshed for our naps, then had dinner and played cards. I showed the boys how to to play golf while the parents went to the concert in Santa Coloma. The boys and I played around on Snapchat and watched a movie to cap the night.

It was a great day and the weekend isn’t even over really…it’s a long weekend for us here because of the fiestas!


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