#KristinaTakesEurope: Tiana Day 3

So I don’t actually plan on writing this often during this trip, but Monday was too ridiculous not to write about.

Monday morning was a lazy day here, so we woke up late and just loafed around for a bit. Once I got the energy to get moving, I packed a sandwich and water and headed to the beach in Montgat (one town over). Important note: I don’t have my cellular plan turned on so I have no GPS. I don’t have a map or car, and decided to walk simply on the directions given to me. So you can understand why I ended up off the path I was supposed to take. I made it to the beach and don’t think I took too much of a detour, but it was about 93 degrees outside, blazing hot sun and there I was, walking about 4 kilometers down and around the mountain like a crazy person.

Once I finally got to the coast, I took a right, like Sandra told me, to find the path that goes underground to the other side of the railway to get to the beach. Well, since I got there at a different place than she told me, turning right made me walk half a mile out of the way. By the time I realized it, I was too invested so I just walked until I found a path to the beach. Once I got to that side, I backtracked to the right beach, passing a nude beach. SPOILER ALERT: there is nothing sexy about a nude beach. The only people fully nude are elderly couples (I’m talking 70 year old people!) and 40 year old men. NOTHING about that scenario is appealing at all. I kept walking and eventually found an alcove so I went swimming, ate my lunch and got dressed. The water was so salty and the sun so hot that there was no way I could stay more than 30 minutes. I went to the beach cafe and had a frozen lemonade under the shade instead and then dunked my head under the outdoor showerheads. Had I been in Chacos and not Asics, I would have gone completely underwater. I bought a new giant water bottle and headed back to Tiana.

On the way back, I thought I’d try another route, climbing up a giant hill. I ended up at the city’s sportsplex and had to go in and ask for directions. The lady told me: “walk up all the stairs and turn right immediately after the library.” Easy enough, right? Well I got to the library and there were more stairs. Was I supposed to turn now?!?  Was I to go up the remaining the stairs?!?! I turned right and headed up a smaller hill, realizing I was walking parallel to the ocean and not away from it, like I should have been. Greattttttt. Then hey, there was a cool little park with a lookout point! So I went up it and enjoyed the views and what do you know? I could see the church in Tiana! I had found direction! I laughed out loud and headed that way.

Somehow I was headed the right way, but second guessed myself so I asked for directions. She confirmed I was on the right path so I trudged on. At this point it was so hot I was pouring water onto my head as I walked because I felt like an overheated oven. I started getting delirious and talking to myself out loud, which made me laugh because how ridiculous! So I turned on some music and danced – yes, danced – my way the rest of the way back.

Did I mention Tiana is up the mountain from the beach? The entire way back was uphill so by the time I got home I was drenched head-to-toe. The boys looked at me and said WOAH when I got home. The rest of the day was a breeze: cold shower (the only kind I’m taking moving forward), nap, dinner and Max teaching me to play chess in English. Ok, maybe the chess part wasn’t a breeze. Frankly I’m terrible.

It was a long, exhausting and wonderful day of exploring two towns and two beaches.


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