#KristinaTakesEurope: Barcelona Day 5

Not every day is as much of an adventure, because I have been spending time in Tiana just being with the boys practicing English, but Wednesday, Sept. 7th was my first day venturing into Barcelona proper. Thank goodness I wrote things down because 10.6 miles later, remembering everything has been tricky!

I had a few things to take care of in the morning, so I didn’t leave until about 11:45 am. A bus and train ride later, I landed in Barcelona Sants station, ready to walk to Brunch & Cake for lunch. I’d read about the place online so I figured I’d give it a shot. Well, let’s just say I didn’t have a map so I got off the train on what I thought was the more central stop, and ended up turning on my cell service so I could use iPhone maps. Half an hour later I arrived at Brunch & Cake and was pleasantly surprised. I didn’t have to wait and the place is as cute as the pictures I’d seen. It’s tiny though, and they have shared tables and a couch, which is where I sat. I got an iced cappuccino and bagel with scrambled eggs and salmon/feta salad. It was so good and really filling, which was kind of the point.

After lunch I meandered in the general direction of Refugio 307, a shelter that has become a museum. I passed Casa Batllo, Passeig de Gracia (which is supposedly the most expensive city in Spain?!?!) and lots of pretty architecture. By 3 pm I was getting a bit overheated, so I took a little water break and freshened up at a bar by the University. (Side note: I’m suddenly really regretting not studying abroad in college.) Once I regained my strength I kept on my way to Refugio 307, only to get there and find out it’s only open to the public on Sundays. There is no way of expressing how frustrated I was, but I’m hoping I get a chance to go. I decided to head towards the closest Corte Ingles, a department store here that I love, which meant walking to Las Ramblas and then up them.

HOLY TOURISTS. Note to Americans who visit other countries: you cannot walk in large groups, like 6 wide on a sidewalk. YOU ARE IN EVERYONE’S WAY. You are also the easiest to spot and – believe it or not – would make every Chevy Chase movie proud. This is not a compliment. Not going to lie though, I loved how many languages I overheard. So much Italian!

Finally making to El Corte Ingles, I realized I was at Plaça Catalunya and remembered having been there last trip. I kept walking around that general area, popping in a few stores until finally I was pooped. I ended up back at the apartment at 8:15 pm to play some chess with the boys. We had dinner and then I took a cold shower and knocked out!


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