#KristinaTakesEurope: Ios Days 1 & 2

Day 1:

So I arrived in Ios on a Monday afternoon. The driver from the hotel picked me up and drove me to the hotel, just a few quick minutes up the road from the port. By the time I was checked in and had the rundown of the island’s top destinations from the manager, I had just enough time to get settled and changed for dinner. I walked down to the port and headed to a lovely restaurant, called Enigma, for some wine, tzatziki and grilled eggplant. Side note: this may have been the fifth time that trip when I wondered why we don’t eat eggplant more at home. It’s amazing!!

Day 2:

Day two was for exploring the main town, or chora, of Ios. There are several pathways of steps to chora, since it sits on a hill, so I walked to the closest (and prettiest) start and headed up, slowly admiring everything. Kids were playing in the schoolyard, women were preparing lunch in their kitchens and only a few shops were open. Ios was slowly getting into fall mode, so there were very few tourists around. I’d say about half the shops, restaurants and bars in chora were closed for the season, so I ended up eating amongst locals at The Nest. Just another excellent chicken kebab platter…I need to integrate kebabs into my diet.

After I’d regained my strength, I finished the walk to the top of the mountain, to where the three churches sit overlooking the port and chora. Wow. I didn’t exactly love having to climb up there (afraid of heights) but the view was amazing and the churches were beautiful! (All closed of course). I ended up sitting at the highest one listening to music for a bit because I was alone and it was this surreal peaceful moment where it felt like I was the only person on the island.

I took a different route down the mountain and back to the hotel, where I napped and changed for dinner. I went to another recommended restaurant, Sousanna’s, where I ate the best fried calamari I’ve had all trip, tried Ouzo (and didn’t like it), and got harassed by cats (they know I’m allergic so they love to bother me). It was a wonderful meal to top a wonderful day!


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