Exploring Nashville: Loveless Cafe


I’ve learned from experience it’s easy to move to a new place with ideas and plans to explore it like a tourist, only to get stuck in a routine where you end up going to the same restaurants, parks and bars over and over. It’s especially easy to just go where your friends go and write off places they don’t frequent, because they know ‘it won’t be your thing’ or ‘you won’t like it.’ Well, guess what. Only I know what I will and won’t like, and even I won’t know until I’ve tried it or gone there!

Before I moved to Nashville, I made a Pinterest board with different guides to Nashville so I’d have some idea of what I needed to see and do when I got there. So in an exercise to keep myself accountable to exploring Nashville and to show off this city I’m growing to love, I’m going to post about places in and around the 615. I hope you enjoy!


First stop: Loveless Cafe. Beginning as a roadside stop for travelers on Highway 100 in the 1950’s, Loveless Cafe went from a private home with some picnic tables to cafe and motel, to cafe, shops and a giant event Barn for live music and big events. While it is about 25 minutes from downtown Nashville, this place gets jam-packed, pun intended. People go out of their way to come here. Why so famous? Homemade biscuits of course! They continue to use the same recipe as the original owner, Annie Loveless used.


Southern omelette with diced country ham!

Known for both breakfast (served all day, thank heavens!) and their BBQ, smoked onsite, right next door to the cafe, Loveless Cafe has become more than a restaurant.


Guests can see the smokehouse (above) and walk around the property into three different shops. The Ham & Jams Country Market sells just that, homemade country style ham and several different flavors of their delicious jam. The blueberry jam is a must-have for any proper southern kitchen! The Outfitters gift store has all sorts of clothing and accessories, from shirts and bags with the Loveless Cafe logo to all sorts of Nashville swag. You can walk over to the Shipping Shoppe for more gifts and accessories.



I’ve only been once, but I will definitely be back. You could almost say the people here invented the term southern hospitality. The hosts and servers are all super helpful, friendly and just overall really pleasant. My server, Barbara, made sure to give me tips on what else to see around the area, since it’s such a pretty drive. I went on a weekday afternoon, between the lunch and dinner rush, so there was no line but the food was still very fresh! It was nice to be able to walk around a bit on property afterwards to digest my huge meal too.

I really enjoyed Loveless Cafe. I hope you get a chance to visit sometime too!


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