Nashville’s Music Scene: Jacey & Carly Pearce

One of the things I looked forward to the most when I was moving to Nashville was the access and ability to listen to live music by unknown artists for free [or relatively cheap].

I haven’t exactly gotten the opportunity to go out as much as I thought I would, mostly because I just got here and I’ve been trying to job search and feel more settled. Now that I am slightly more settled and have a little bit more of my bearings, I’m definitely going to be more proactive about going out to new bars, restaurants or live music venues just to see what’s out there and explore the music scene.

In typical fashion, I want to share those experiences with you as well. I also want to do my part to help the music industry and local artists thrive, so I’m starting this series as a way to do just that. It won’t necessarily be newly released music and I can’t promise there will be regular posts – because I can’t go out every night and there’s no guarantee I’ll like the artists I see every time – but I will promise to give my personal opinion and only post positive things about artists. This is my corner of the interweb and I choose to use it for good!


Note: this photo is from her website, here.

So the first artist would be Jacey. I saw her live at Tennessee Brew Works with my sorority little, Halie, who brought us out to see her because they knew each other from their hometown in Iowa. Jacey’s moving to Nashville to pursue her music career, so my little thought it would be fun to go as a girls night out and do something different during the week. Fortunately Jacey ended up being good!

We fully expected not to like this girl’s voice, because you don’t know what to expect when someone says, “Come see this girl I know! I haven’t heard her sing but I want to support her.” I thought, ‘what if we don’t like her and she’s horrible? How awkward!’ Fortunately, she was great. She seems like a sweetheart and has a really cool vibe about her that you just want to support. I really liked her look. I really liked that she seems like a normal girl, I guess because she is; she hasn’t been affected by the industry yet. [I hope she doesn’t change in those negative ways.] Anyway, she was lovely. I instantly followed her on Spotify and made a mental note to go back and listen. The idea for this series actually came while listening to her music driving around Nashville.

She actually reminds me of Elle King a bit and I loved her cover of Ex’s & Oh’s. Also, her original Vagabonds is already on a Spotify playlist I have.Check her out if you have the time. She seems like an awesome girl and she’s just one of those people you just want to see succeed, you know?

Carly Pearce

I didn’t even plan on having more than one artist, but Halie and I ended up going to The Listening Room the other night after seeing another artist’s showcase. Man am I glad we went! We saw Carly Pearce, who was so good. I mean so good. The Listening Room’s setup is pretty cool, just people, their guitars and a mic. Very acoustic, very intimate. All of Carly’s songs felt intimate and personal and her voice was beautiful. And then, she tells us about this song she played with Josh Abbott Band, when a flag went off in my brain. I kept thinking, ‘wait, I know that name. Why does it sounds familiar?’ Then she started singing ‘Wasn’t That Drunk,’ which is a Josh Abbott Band song she sings on that happens to have had a home on a Spotify playlist of mine for a few months now. So of course I sang along and then afterwards she asked me – from the stage, so everyone was paying attention – if I knew it. I fangirled. Hard.

She also played a song called ‘Every Little Thing‘ which she was releasing on iTunes the next day. GO GET THIS SONG. It’s great. I had it on a loop for half an hour. It’s a little nostalgia, some sadness, but her soft voice makes it light somehow. I don’t know. I didn’t study music, I just know it’s great. I will buy her CD whenever she comes out with one. After the set, we went up to the stage and I got a photo with Carly. She was super nice and friendly and even suggested other places to go see more live music!


I hope you enjoy this post and what’s to come of this series. I know I’m going to enjoy the research 🙂

Any great songs or artists you’ve discovered recently?

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