Fall Refresh

Living in Miami for the past four years, I had forgotten how drier fall/winter weather can affect my body, hair and skin. I was looking forward to the temperatures and the clothes that I completely skipped over that aspect.

As much as I’d love to be able to go to a spa or salon to have treatments and masks done, my wallet simply can’t take that right now. So instead, I did a little shopping at my friendly neighborhood T.J. Maxx, where I knew they’d have products for me. One product I knew I’d find was a paper face mask. I’ve seen them before but hadn’t purchased any yet.

I ended up buying these Revive repairing spa masks and really enjoyed them!

At first I saw the word charcoal and thought the mask was going to be black, but it was a white paper mask. I can’t exactly attest to the ‘deep clean’ aspect of the charcoal, but my skin did feel tightened and toned when the mask came off. I did it at night, so I left the remaining gel on my face overnight. My face woke up feeling incredibly hydrated!

The process itself was actually very easy, as shown in the pictures above. Step 1: clean and dry face. Step 2: apply mask. Step 3: remove mask and massage gel into skin for overnight hydration.

You can tell in the third picture that my skin is a bit dewier from the gel. Other than that I will admit it’s hard to tell whether or not the mask did its job. I can say I felt the difference for sure!

Part of why I enjoy these masks as well is because I use the twenty minutes as relaxation time. I listen to music with eyes closed and just try to be zen. It’s restorative in that way too!

How do you rejuvenate during these drier months?




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